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Selling a Home

We know you love your home here in Colorado, but it looks like you’ve outgrown it. The kids need their own rooms and it sure would be nice to have a bigger kitchen. Maybe it’s time to sell.

Protecting Your Future Financial Security

Selling a home is a scary proposition. It’s probably your biggest financial investment and you want to make sure you get this right. Your future financial security will be affected by what happens next.

Many Realtors get into the business of selling homes for the wrong reasons. Some Realtors are completely focused on the earning potential. Others get a license because they want to work part-time.

At Focus Real Estate Group, we are in this business to help build our community. We want our clients to complete their real estate transactions with the best outcome possible. When a family is buying a house, this means making sure the home and the loan fit its lifestyle.

When the family is selling a home, this means protecting its financial investment by ensuring the smoothest transaction possible.

“The easiest home buying and selling experience possible. We bought the first house Todd showed us. He then sold our home in three days and we closed in two weeks.”—user251178, client review on Zillow

Making Home Sales in Colorado Simple

Todd Nagel, founder of Focus Real Estate, has sold more homes than most people ever visit in a lifetime. He guides you through the process, making it simple.

  • Todd uses his experience in the financial world to help you understand the market value of the home.
  • You can inexpensively increase the appeal of your home with Focus Real Estate Group’s home staging services.
  • Todd uses his well-developed negotiation skills to help you get the most for your property.
  • You’ll be well informed during the contract period and can sleep easily knowing Todd’s experience means everything is under control.
  • If a problem comes up, you’ll save money because you won’t have to hire a financial expert to explain it.
  • You can rest knowing your obligations pertaining to the sale have been fulfilled and they won’t come back to haunt you.

Todd is a great realtor who will help you through each aspect of the purchasing process. He has great contacts to help you find a quality mortgage …, quality inspection and will help you make a wise decision in negotiating the terms of your contract.”—olsonsp4c5, client review on Zillow