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Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City has Wild West history and though you can no longer buy mining equipment here, it’s retained the eclectic character of a town built by a gold boom. The neat grids of streets are populated by a wide range of homes, from multi-family to large, restored Victorians. You’ll also find mature shade trees, a feature only found in older neighborhoods on the Front Range.

A variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops stretch for blocks along West Colorado Avenue here. If you set out from historic Bancroft park and walk East, you can eat, drink and shop along with the tourists who flock to this area.


Manitou Springs

Drive down West Colorado Avenue through a part of town called “No Man’s Land” to Manitou Springs and you find yourself in a different world. You’re now in the mountains and the neighborhoods sculpted into the hills don’t let you forget it. On snowy days, the fog settles into this eclectic town of artists, teachers and shopkeepers, making it look like a portrait you might find in one of its many art galleries.

Most days, the sun shines brightly on its streets and tourists meander from restaurants, shops and the town’s namesake springs. You’ll find the Sunwater Spa making that spring water available for soaking just outside of town and fountains for drinking throughout the town.

Check out the Crystal Hills neighborhood that borders Red Rocks Park. You’ll find unique homes of all shapes and sizes, many of which are steps from undisturbed hills and canyons of the park.



The Ivywild neighborhood extends from 8th Street to Nevada Avenue south of I-25. This established neighborhood of winding streets hosts a variety of living styles, from high-rise apartments to single-family homes.

Ivywild is also home to one of America’s most interesting renewal projects, Ivywild School. The school, built in 1916, was sold to investors in 2012 and renovated for use as a community center and marketplace. The original building and children’s artwork has been preserved, making it a friendly place to get a cup of coffee, get a locally brewed beer with friends or visit a farmers’ market.


Shooks Run

Shooks Run, bordered by Uintah Street, Wasatch Avenue, Boulder Street and North Prospect Street is known for its proximity to Monument Creek and downtown Colorado Springs. Just a few blocks from the commercial district, it offers everything from studio apartments to colonial and Victorian single-family homes. You’ll also find Monument Valley Park with its walking trails, children’s playground, tennis courts and swimming pool.

Since Shooks Run is so close to downtown, residents can simply walk out the door and visit popular restaurants, bars and shops.



This neighborhood that stretches from Woodmen Road and I-25 into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains has every advantage of beauty that a Front Range neighborhood can offer. Its proximity to the highway makes it easy to get to downtown Colorado Springs or Denver, but it’s far away enough that highway noise and bustle does not intrude onto its side streets.

As you drive further west, the neighborhoods become hillier and many homes offer dramatic views. Residents can step outside the door and walk to one of the many parks that preserve the high-desert landscape. Walking and running trails are everywhere, with the same trail often crossing a shopping center in one spot and a bit of nature, complete with mule deer, in another.

* Rockrimmon is part of the highly-rated D-20 school district.


Cordera is a neighborhood of open spaces and newer homes. Built on the high plains west of Powers Boulevard, this enclave is populated with large homes built after 2000.

In addition, Cordera is in School District 20, one of the highest-rated districts in the state of Colorado. The cul-de-sacs are filled with children playing in its safe streets on summer evenings.

Cordera continues to grow and an easily-accessible, thriving commercial district is growing with it. Try one of Todd’s favorite restaurants, Till Kitchen.