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Todd Nagel took the long way around when becoming a real estate broker, but he did it this way for all the right reasons.

About 15 years ago, Todd and his family arrived in Colorado Springs, where they had chosen to live. “It was just common sense,” explains Todd. He and his wife, Jennifer, fell in love with this beautiful city and wanted to raise their family here.

Todd knew he wanted to get into the financial industry here, but since he was interested in both financial advising and real estate, he had to make a choice. Which would it be?

Just as his strong sense of community drove the decision to move to Colorado Springs, it also drove his career decisions. He had an opportunity to join a financial advising firm here and he took it.

“For me it’s important that I feel like the people who are around have a strong influence on your life,” he says. He liked the other advisors and he liked the positive influence they exerted on their clients’ lives.

Focusing on Real Estate

The family moved back to Manitou Springs and Todd got his real estate license. “I haven’t looked back since,” he exclaims happily.

The time spent working in finance wasn’t wasted. In fact, that experience makes Todd one of the most financially savvy Realtors around. Remember why Todd chose finance the first time he had to choose? It was because of community, because of the influence he could have on people’s lives. He still values that positive influence and uses his financial knowledge for his clients.

Understand the Biggest Financial Transaction in Your Life

Todd feels a strong fiduciary responsibility to his clients and works hard to make sure you understand what you’re getting into. Buying and selling homes is the largest financial transaction most people will ever make, and Todd ferrets out all the hidden details. He makes sure you know what is going to happen, makes sure the paperwork is all in order and advises you on what your choices mean.

A Realtor Who Gets to Know You

Todd doesn’t just help you understand the details. He also likes to understand you and what kind of home will work best for your family. He enjoys spending time with people and helping them make the best decisions about their home. He wants to know why you’re buying or selling your home and how he can help you make the most of your options.

Todd did indeed take the long way around to becoming a Realtor, but his experiences have made him financially savvy and thoughtful about the people in his life. He often becomes friends with his clients and wants to make the home buying and selling process a pleasant one.

And when it’s all done, he’ll celebrate with you!